Top Ten

It’s been a somewhat strange four months since I began this blogging lark and foisted myself upon this alternate world. I’ve enjoyed it mostly, I’ve made a twat of myself a good few times, and I haven’t had a bloody CLUE what I’ve been doing for roughly 99% of the time. Possibly more.

I thought I would recap over the past couple of months and my blog posts that they brought, and yes, unashamedly be a bit of a blogging ho and pimp my ass out. *pushes up boobs*

I figure most things do a yearly (ahem) round-up, why can’t I?

Yeah, it’s totally self indulgent. Who cares?

My first post that got any attention was Knocked Up, everything I wrote before that I got a big fat tumbleweed trundle along my screen saver and very drawn out awkward silence. I can only thank Mammasaurus for somehow finding my blog and giving me a little plug that sent my viewing figures into overdrive. Knocked Up is about my life imitating art, if you can call that dodgy Seth Rogan film art. No, didn’t think so. Moving on.

Next up is Sick and Sorry, two posts but are essentially one and the same, where I try to explain, not particularly well, my other half’s (halves? half’s?) illness.

Granny Basher is the result of me, well, erm, granny bashing.

Terrible and Terrible Part ll are two posts where it is suddenly dawning on me that this terrible two’s shite isn’t going away, and I affectively headbutt my keyboard a lot in desperation / frustration. Bean sits on the cat. It’s all terribly dramatic.

The Line is me getting all emo in your faces and questioning how far we let mental health issues and depression go before it starts to really affect our kids.

And What Not To Say, is a well, what not to say, to someone, with da ishoos.

David Dimbleby isn’t me going all fangirl on the old codger from Question Time but in fact Bean’s birth story.

And finally, at number ten, is Hurt, the fallout of when you’re loved ones read your blog and all that entails.

So that’s my top ten.

Bloggers, what are yours*?

* I am obvs reffering to your favourite posts that you have written – not your favourite posts of mine – I’m not that deluded.