Saturday is Caption Day!

Let’s have a collective sigh of relief shall we? And all turn off those bastardous alarms with an air of rebellion. It’s the screwing weekend! And what does that equal, you little love bunnies? Ironing? Roast … Read more →

Saturday is Hijack Caption Day!

Oooh, what’s going on ‘ere then? Well, I’ll tell ya, I’ve kidnapped Mammasaurus. She’s tied up in the basement and I have hijacked #SatCap in a sort of hostile takeover*. Only for the weekend, mind you. Don’t worry, she … Read more →

Saturday is Caption Day!

Ooh it’s been a while, innit? Well, enough I say, time to get back into the photo linky-McKinkies. I’m easing meself in gently this week. Can you think of a caption for this plate of … Read more →

Saturday is Caption Day #7

*blows trumpet* It’s the weekend! And what better way to celebrate than to do a jolly old bit of #SatCapage? Marvellous. I was routing around in my loft, in search of rogue baubles, and discovered a little treasure, well, … Read more →

Saturday is Caption Day #6

  I share photo, you caption. Simples. Please ch-ch-check out Mammasaurus for other, much much better photos and linky goodness. *dons cape* #SATCAP AWAAAAY! *poof*

Saturday Is Caption Day #3

It’s the freaking weekend, biatches! Weekends mean naff all to me other than there being no nursery for Bean, I’m guilt tripped into baking with him *scream* with the added joy of nodding and smiling (i.e … Read more →

Saturday Is Caption Day #2

Thank fuck that’s over, hmmm? It’s the freaking weekend! Of course weekends mean approximately nothing to SAHMs (and dads), other than CBeebies changes it’s scheduling, and we’re expected to make Sunday lunch – haha as if. Anyway, it’s specifically the day … Read more →