Saturday is Rockstar Caption Day!

It’s the freaking weekend and I’ma have me some CAPTIONING. Now don’t worry, Mammasaurus isn’t gagged and tied up in my airing cupboard, she’s just UP A SODDING MOUNTAIN for Team Honk innit, leaving me … Read more →

Saturday is Caption Day!

It’s the WEEEEEKEND! Actually, screw that – IT’S HALF TERM! *throws the school uniform out of the window* *chucks lunch bag and book bag in the bin* I’ll worry about that later, I’m sure. It’s … Read more →

Saturday is Caption Day!

Let’s have a collective sigh of relief shall we? And all turn off those bastardous alarms with an air of rebellion. It’s the screwing weekend! And what does that equal, you little love bunnies? Ironing? Roast … Read more →

Saturday is Wine O’Clock Caption Day!

What’s up, britches? It’s the weeeeeeeeekend, as them off CBeebies say. I don’t think I have ever been more relieved to see a day beginning with the letter S in my entire life. Mammasaurus is camping … Read more →

Saturday is Hijack Caption Day!

Oooh, what’s going on ‘ere then? Well, I’ll tell ya, I’ve kidnapped Mammasaurus. She’s tied up in the basement and I have hijacked #SatCap in a sort of hostile takeover*. Only for the weekend, mind you. Don’t worry, she … Read more →

Saturday is Caption Day!

Hello campers! What time is it? It’s SATCAP TIME! *waves pants in the air* This weeks offering is a drawing by the Bean, which I thought was too comical not to use. I’m a sharer, … Read more →

Saturday is Caption Day #7

*blows trumpet* It’s the weekend! And what better way to celebrate than to do a jolly old bit of #SatCapage? Marvellous. I was routing around in my loft, in search of rogue baubles, and discovered a little treasure, well, … Read more →