All the Small Things #5


I find it proper hard to be all in the moment. I’m forever worrying, panicking, fretting (they are all different, honestly) about something that’ll most likely never, ever happen. Or berating myself over something that did happen 15 years ago. And everything in between. Occasionally it’s a entire smorgasbord of different little anxieties, dancing around like dust motes in the sunlight, repeatedly hitting me where it hurts, ya know, if I’m lucky.


I don’t do present. I’m fucking ace at past and I’m getting better and better at future.

At the weekend, a mini perfect storm occurred right on my dining table. Some harsh winter sunshine, a bit of fiddling with my camera and a vase of fresh flowers, before I knew it I was here, now, taking photos, and the whispers from the past just weren’t there for a few minutes.



They ain’t wonderful, but they’re good enough for me.

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All the Small Things - MummyNeverSleeps
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Saturday is Hijack Caption Day!

Oooh, what’s going on ‘ere then?

Well, I’ll tell ya, I’ve kidnapped Mammasaurus.

She’s tied up in the basement and I have hijacked #SatCap in a sort of hostile takeover*. Only for the weekend, mind you. Don’t worry, she has plenty of gin and flapjacks to keep her going. I’ve even given her a camera to keep her entertained while she’s locked in there… So keep your eyes peeled for those photos in the near future.

So those of you new to SatCapping game and ain’t so au fait with the whole shazam, all’s you gotta do is post a, what shall we say, interesting photo on your blog, and link it ‘ere in the magical linky box of mystery below. Then we all hop around and caption one another’s interesting photos with hilarious results innit.

Got it?


Here’s my offering this week. It needs no introduction. Other than, erm, I’m sorry for any upset or disturbance it may cause you.


Apologies to your eyeballs. But more importantly, can you think of a caption for this photo? Show me what you’ve got, I dare you! In fact, I triple dare you!

Have a jolly smashing weekend you little reprobates, soak up that sun, enter your links below and remember, #SatCap AWAAAAAAY!

*OK, OK, it’s not exactly a hostile takeover. But that does sound pretty exciting, doesn’t it? Mammasaurus is safe and well and in a field somewhere, weeing in bushes and having an epic time. Honestly. I assure you. I don’t even have a basement.

Would be fun though, wouldn’t it?

Saturday is Caption Day!
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Saturday is Caption Day!

photo (1)

Hello campers! What time is it? It’s SATCAP TIME! *waves pants in the air*

This weeks offering is a drawing by the Bean, which I thought was too comical not to use. I’m a sharer, what can I say? C’mon, I DARE you to think of a witty / whimsical / disturbing caption for it. DARE YOU.

For more #SatCap frivolity and giggles, please pay the red-haired vixen Mammasaurus a visit and get stuck into some jolly good captioning!

Ready? #SatCap AWAAAAAAY!

Saturday is Caption Day!

Ooh it’s been a while, innit? Well, enough I say, time to get back into the photo linky-McKinkies. I’m easing meself in gently this week.

Can you think of a caption for this plate of sheer amazing?

Pop over to the effervescent Mammasaurus for more weird and probably even weirder photos.

Have a great weekend, now please excuse me, I really moustache! *BOOM BOOM TSSSH!*


Saturday is Caption Day #7

*blows trumpet* It’s the weekend! And what better way to celebrate than to do a jolly old bit of #SatCapage? Marvellous. I was routing around in my loft, in search of rogue baubles, and discovered a little treasure, well, not treasure, some kind of Goonies esque motherload of jewels and gold coins would have been nice. What I did find made me smile however, and brought back a whacking big dose of nostagia from playing it as a kid. On closer inspection, the box caused a raised eyebrow…


Please go and pay the beautiful crumpet, Mammasaurus a visit and check out all the other much better #SatCaps!

Good luck, God speed, and SATCAP AWAAAY!