All the Small Things #7

Shit the bed, is it that time of the week already?! Yes, I did just start this positivity fuelled post with the word shit. Soz. I could go on about how shit is cleansing for … Read more →

All the Small Things #6

Rewind, two weeks ago: Oh shit. Half term. Three days left. Crap. What the hell are we going to do? What you always do; disappear into a pool of denial, make sure you have all … Read more →

PhotoBox – Review & Giveaway

I think it’s rather easy in this digital age to lose touch with the real stuff. My poor phone is virtually wheezing under the weight of over 1,700 photos. Admittedly more than half of them … Read more →

Silent Sunday

Saturday is Caption Day!

It’s the WEEEEEKEND! Actually, screw that – IT’S HALF TERM! *throws the school uniform out of the window* *chucks lunch bag and book bag in the bin* I’ll worry about that later, I’m sure. It’s … Read more →

Saturday is Wine O’Clock Caption Day!

What’s up, britches? It’s the weeeeeeeeekend, as them off CBeebies say. I don’t think I have ever been more relieved to see a day beginning with the letter S in my entire life. Mammasaurus is camping … Read more →

How does Photography Handle time Passing?

There are a so many photography clichés, both in what people say about it and in the way they take photographs, but one of the biggest of all is the phrase ‘a picture paints a … Read more →