#SocialPix 15.12.12 – 16.12.12

So I discovered something new, cats and Christmas trees ARE NOT FRIENDS. Well, the cats want to be friends, I on the other hand have a mini panic attack whenever they are within spitting distance of one another. … Read more →

#SocialPix 1.12.12 – 2.12.12

HAPPY 1ST OF BLOODY DECEMBER FOLKS! To celebrate the actual official start of the festive season, here’s a brand new, shiny linky! This one being #SocialPix, and ’tis the brainchild of that scrumptious Mammasaurus, go to Love All Blogs to … Read more →

Silent Sunday 18.11.12

Saturday is Caption Day #6

  I share photo, you caption. Simples. Please ch-ch-check out Mammasaurus for other, much much better photos and linky goodness. *dons cape* #SATCAP AWAAAAY! *poof*

Silent Sunday 21.10.12

Double Trouble

TWO memes, fucking TWO. TWO. See, you really get your money’s worth with me baby. Oh yes, prepare to be freaking dazzled. Scroll down for boring rules etc etc, who cares, whatever. Five random facts about me… … Read more →

Silent Sunday 14.10.12