Persil Cook with the Kids Challenge

This Summer Persil started an initiative to encourage 100,000 parents to get in the kitchen with their kids and make some mess cooking together – “Cook with the kids”. To celebrate their new, harder working … Read more →

Mummy Bingo

Obvs, just a normal, quiet day can be Groundhog Day when you’ve got little ones. You’re most likely so achingly sleep deprived you’d seriously consider selling a kidney for a peaceful few hours in bed, yet instead you’ve … Read more →

World Book Day With Miles Kelly

Recently I was asked by lovely book people at Miles Kelly if I’d like to take part in a bit of giving and receiving in the name of World Book Day – (6th March people, I … Read more →

Review – PaediaSure: Extra Nutrition for Fussy Eaters

Up until he was eighteen months old, Bean was a fantastic eater. He couldn’t get enough, and would happily devour anything put in front of him. From the simple to the adventurous, as long as … Read more →

Review: First Aid Manual 10th Edition

There was the time he swan dived off the bed when he was a few months old. He head-butted the door jamb a couple of months later. The numerous bumps and bruises later from learning to … Read more →

Right On Time

When are we going to the woods, mummy? When is it lunch time? Is it morning yet? In an ideal world, the vast majority of the way we spend our day is governed by that four little … Read more →

Before Buying a New Pushchair, Ask Yourself These Simple Questions

If you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new member of the family, or if you have a young child who has outgrown their previous method of transport, then you are probably on the … Read more →