All the Small Things

My eyeballs are broken. They simply refuse to work without my strong, stupidly obnoxious glasses that seemed like such a fantastic idea at the time of purchase. This affliction is definitely not aided by reading … Read more →


This post was going to come with a trigger warning, but then my head went on a tangent about how using the word trigger as a warning, a safe word if you will, for people … Read more →


Number of blog posts published – 226 Number of views – Pffft, we’re above that, ain’t we? Enough, anyway. Number of times I’ve written the word fuck – infinite. Number of blog induced wobbles, including the … Read more →


There’s only so many times I can say, Oh God, I feel terrible. There’s only so many words I can write describing what’s going on in my head, that I can’t say out loud. There’s only … Read more →

How To Have Writer’s Block

Firstly, you need the writer’s block uniform, you have to look the part. Dressing gown. Yes, even in this weather. Sans bra. Optional – jogging bottoms or pyjamas, topped off with mystery stains. Out of shape, greying T-shirt, … Read more →

BritMums Live in Bullet Points

I have put off writing this post, simply because writing it means that it’s really over, it’s finished, it’s in the past and that in turn makes me feel really fucking sad tbh. There was just … Read more →

Are You Mugging Me Off?

Last year I was seduced, actually seduced I tell ya, to join in with Hannah from Cupcake Mumma’s little mug swap. It was bloody lovely, I was paired up with a fab lady and we … Read more →


Yes, I know I’ve been MIA, again, I know this “slow blogging” lark is the new black or whatever but I admit I’ve been ripping the arse out of it a bit more than I should. … Read more →

Brain Dump

I’ve said it before, and no diggety doubt I’ll say a thousand times again, my head is a complete and utter shit tip at the moment. It feels as though some of my thoughts, who are … Read more →

Britmums Live 2013

OH MY SHIT, WHAT HAVE I DONE?! Yes, dear reader, I have done something, something of great magnitude. Something that scares me to the extent that my insides feel like they are going to fall … Read more →