#SocialPix 15.12.12 – 16.12.12

So I discovered something new, cats and Christmas trees ARE NOT FRIENDS. Well, the cats want to be friends, I on the other hand have a mini panic attack whenever they are within spitting distance of one another. Chewing fairy light cables, climbing up the middle of the darn thing and getting stuck at the top, carrying baubles and trinkets around in their mouths proudly like little dead mice. And I’m certain you will be delighted to know, whilst lazily surfing about on these crazy waters of the interweb, I have found a flawless, cunning solution!


TA – DA!! Problem officially solved. Now excuse me, please, I must now go and rummage around in the shed for the drill.

Photo with many thanks from http://www.buzzfeed.com/expresident/how-to-make-a-cat-proof-christmas-tree

Check out this week’s offerings of pix of the social kind below, courtesy of the always wonderful Love All Blogs.

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  1. This is so cool, I have never seen anything like this before. Great idea if you have pets or kids though. Not sure I can see this catching on.

  2. It’s funny you know we were looking at Christmas traditions in my weekly German class and hanging trees from the ceiling is quite common there and was more so in the past. Their ones were hanging with the point near the ceiling. It’s a fantastic way to keep the tree safe from cats and toddlers though.

    • Oh wow, really? I had no idea, I just thought this was funny :) I wonder how they hung them up? Hmmm. *ponders*

  3. Do you know what, though? I reckon cats would just seen that as a challenge! In my head, ALL cats are evil geniuses. I want one so bad though, a hairless one, I think they’re beautiful. My huge bull terrier may not be so keen…

    • *tries to regain composure after reading hairless pussy* HA!! This is actually true though, I can picture my two sitting and plotting away to somehow get up there!

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