Saturday is Caption Day #7

*blows trumpet* It’s the weekend! And what better way to celebrate than to do a jolly old bit of #SatCapage? Marvellous. I was routing around in my loft, in search of rogue baubles, and discovered a little treasure, well, not treasure, some kind of Goonies esque motherload of jewels and gold coins would have been nice. What I did find made me smile however, and brought back a whacking big dose of nostagia from playing it as a kid. On closer inspection, the box caused a raised eyebrow…


Please go and pay the beautiful crumpet, Mammasaurus a visit and check out all the other much better #SatCaps!

Good luck, God speed, and SATCAP AWAAAY!


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  1. A great game made all the better for having the dice in the pop up thing in the middle. As for a caption:
    This 1970s family were destined to be playing a game of frustration that lasted for all time.

  2. I cannot think of a witty response – only that I loved that game and insisted I pop everyones dice!!

  3. New ‘Electrified Frustration’ proved annoying to the small boy, but fun for everyone else

    • He really looks like he needs a good bit of shock treatment doesn’t he? *cough*

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