How to Find a Mate in 2014

Nowadays, it’s totally the norm to find your next potential partner via a website. I know, right? Personally I met my boyfriend six years ago in a bar, so for that long I’ve been utterly … Read more →

Saturday is Caption Day #5

I share photo, you caption. Simples. Please ch-ch-check out Mammasaurus for other, much much better photos and linky goodness. *dons cape* #SATCAP AWAAAAY! *poof*


I’m gonna level with you here. I’m gonna be fucking honest. We all know each other pretty well now, yeah? I mean, you know I’m sampled my own breast milk and peed in a bucket now. … Read more →

The Line

Depression! Just what we need for a cold, damp Thursday, right? RIGHT? Nature or nuture? Bit of both, maybe? Neither? Is it all chemical? Just a shitty result of circumstance? Depends? All of the above? I’ve had the somewhat … Read more →

Silent Sunday 23.09.12

Terrible Part II

It would appear I shot my blogging load too soon last night when I wrote about the Tyrannical Threes (Copyright pending) and how the Bean has gone supersonic turbo on our arses. It all became … Read more →


Right, let’s get this shit straight, right now shall we? Toddlers, specifically two-year olds = The Terrible Twos (spoken in a Dracula type voice). Mm hmm. Cool. I know what’s coming. Plenty of people harp on … Read more →