Ginger Nuts

I’ve got the fear.

The irrational, shrieking, flapping OH MY FREAKING SHIT I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO BEFORE CHRISTMAS fear. Ya know the one, yeahh, we all get it. Yep, even you, yes I’m talking to you with your lists of lists of lists and your “Oh I bought all my presents and cards and shizz back in January.” You’ve got the fear too, I can see it seaping and wafting from you like a bad smell.

In no particular order, because I’m far too disorganised for that – this is what I have yet to do.


Wrap everything up. Send buy Christmas cards. Complete my vendetta against the assault of Christmas decorations falling from the ceiling and walls, the Duck Tape is failing me, it was so promising to begin with, next I’m dusting off the glue gun.

Prepare food and freeze it, as Jamie Oliver goes on about, sticking huge tubs of grazy in the freezer and other such madness.

Help Bean with his letter to Father Christmas, see some family, clean my entire house, make everything wonderful and jolly and festive, so on and so on, etc etc.

Well, at the weekend, I told the fear NO, YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME MO FO, and I set about making something I’d promised I’d do a while ago. The hilarious and utterly STREXY (yeah I did, strong and sexy, thank you Junior Apprentice) Hannah of Mama Bear With Me, decided to embark on a gingerbread house challenge of EPIC proportions.

I’ve admitted before that I’m completely, undeniably shite at baking, but I have a competitive streak like no other, plus, I AM pretty good at baking stuff that tastes like cack. Well, PERFECT I say!

I knew what I wanted to make, I made no plans, no templates, I didn’t even look at any pictures of what I wanted to make, it’d be fair to assume I winged it. Prepare yourselves feast your eyes my friends, on….

MY GINGERBREAD IGLOO OF GLORY *fist pump* *plays holy music of angels singing*

gb gb4 gb3 gb2

I think it turned out all right. Just please, no one tell Bean I stole all his sweets to make this… And yes, that would be a gingerbread eskimo Inuit, and a tiny gingerbread fish. Yup. And no, the candy cane has nothing to do with anything, but what’s a gingerbread house without a candy cane, I ask you? NOTHING I say, NOTHING. I don’t think I have anything more to add… I think the pictures speak for themselves. *cough*

Also, have decided to link this up with the Gallery, because as stressful and utterly ridiculous as this was, I think I may just make one next year… Plus I’d say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, when I start making crazy stuff…

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  1. That is AWESOME.

    Delia, Nigella and whatever the hell that weird looking women with the huge eyes is called have just handed in their resignations. If you listen carefully you can hear them quietly sobbing into their bowls of cookie dough.

    • THANK YOU! I’m trying to think of who you’re talking about though! *ponders*

  2. You are hi-lar. I’m feeling super smug because I bought stuff to freeze. Haven’t got anything for my dad, brother, nan but I *have* bought those posh profiteroles from the M&S advert so today I’m feeling like I win at Christmas

    • Well, I say as long as you got the posh profiteroles you don’t NEED to buy them presents, that’s a gift in itself! Well done, you TOTALLY win at Xmas :D

  3. Wow you have been inspired to be creative. Reminder to self – must get the remaining things I need to finish off our big art project which has been languishing for over 2 weeks.

  4. This is VERY impressive. I want one! And yes, I have the fear too. It’s not helped by the fact EVERYONE I work with has two pages of Edexel spreadsheets with tasks and lists for the perfect Christmas and I have not even a soggy scrap of paper. I’m a lost cause.

    • only because it looks like my three year old made it :D But thank you darling, too kind!

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