Keeping Your Home Safe this Winter

We’re well and truly into winter and no doubt are preparing our homes for a long, harsh few months. Perhaps some of us looked into extra insulation, new double or triple glazing or simply have … Read more →

Household Chopping Boards Responsible for Foodborne Illnesses

According to research,around 40% of food poisoning cases are caused by poor hygiene in the home. [1]   The Global Hygiene Council found that almost half of frequently touched items in the UK, including chopping boards, … Read more →

Common Relationship Problems & How to Overcome Them

After the initial honeymoon period of relationships when everything’s new and exciting, problems can quickly start to arise. There are certain pitfalls that most couples fall into, and it can be hard to get partnerships … Read more →

Places You Should Visit in 2015

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This was a trending hashtag I spotted on Twitter late Saturday night while innocently minding my own business drinking tea and lurking to see what was going on in the world. I was expecting to see … Read more →

Giving Back with the National Lottery

I think at Christmas it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important. We can get dragged down with the over the top consumerism, Black Friday scuffles for slightly reduced televisions and we can lose … Read more →

Creating a luxury bathroom on a budget

Who doesn’t appreciate the look and feel of a luxurious bathroom? Nothing beats treating yourself to a bit of TLC after a long day at work, whether that’s by enjoying a luxurious soak or even … Read more →