The Perfect Coffee

Now let’s make this clear, I make no bones about my love of coffee. Ever. I’m always going on about it, Tweeting about it, dreaming about it all whilst I have my face in a mug … Read more →

Cork: A Foodie’s Paradise

If you feel like something a bit different for your next short break, and you love good food and drink, why not travel to South West Ireland and see for yourself why the residents of … Read more →

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

Having a secure home should be a top priority for any home-owner, regardless of where you live. Even areas in which no robberies occur should still be kept safe and secure. If your home is … Read more →


“How are you, Cassandra? How can I help you today?” she says while looking at the screen as I sit on the orange padded chair I wonder if there’s any point in going through with … Read more →

Moonpig Flowers for Mother’s Day

Last week I was treated to an afternoon in a swanky London hotel to see Moonpig’s latest range – flowers and gifts for Mother’s Day. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to see as … Read more →

Fun & Games

What with the rampant surge of the internet in recent years and how easy it helps us to do every day tasks such as catching up on world news, packed full of all the information we could ever … Read more →

Saturday is Rockstar Caption Day!

It’s the freaking weekend and I’ma have me some CAPTIONING. Now don’t worry, Mammasaurus isn’t gagged and tied up in my airing cupboard, she’s just UP A SODDING MOUNTAIN for Team Honk innit, leaving me … Read more →

Bring Back Game Night

I’m pretty sure we’re all guilty of it at some point, life has a habit of donning it’s running shoes and sprinting away, leaving us to forever play catch-up. The ironing pile, sorting out that … Read more →

Fictional Heroes

What with World Book Day only a matter of days away (PANIC! Have you got the costume ready yet?!), I though it’d be rather interesting to look at children’s favourite book characters and how exactly … Read more →

What’s Blocking Your Drains?

Drain blockage is a massive inconvenience, and not only that it is also hazardous to your health, so needs sorting as soon as possible. There are a few ways you may notice that you have … Read more →