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It’s been a somewhat strange four months since I began this blogging lark and foisted myself upon this alternate world. I’ve enjoyed it mostly, I’ve made a twat of myself a good few times, and I … Read more →

You’re SO Last Year

The panic is over. It’s done. It’s gone. The Christmas presents have been opened, we’ve feigned our, “Oh no, really, it’s lovely.” The kids have torn open their hundreds of pounds worth of goodies with … Read more →

#SocialPix 15.12.12 – 16.12.12

So I discovered something new, cats and Christmas trees ARE NOT FRIENDS. Well, the cats want to be friends, I on the other hand have a mini panic attack whenever they are within spitting distance of one another. … Read more →

Saturday is Caption Day #7

*blows trumpet* It’s the weekend! And what better way to celebrate than to do a jolly old bit of #SatCapage? Marvellous. I was routing around in my loft, in search of rogue baubles, and discovered a little treasure, well, … Read more →

Ginger Nuts

I’ve got the fear. The irrational, shrieking, flapping OH MY FREAKING SHIT I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO BEFORE CHRISTMAS fear. Ya know the one, yeahh, we all get it. Yep, even you, yes I’m talking … Read more →

Things I Didn’t Know a Week Ago

I know, I know, I know. I’m sorry. I’m shit. *bitch slaps self* I’ll get me blogging act together. I will. I will. Don’t look at me like that. Any-fucking-way. I haz decided, which is … Read more →

No Time

Time has two settings in my life, I’ve noticed. It’s either brain-achingly, mind-numbingly, teeth-grindingly slow, as if the arms on the clock are struggling to move and are fighting through thick immoveable treacle and I gaze at the poxy thing … Read more →