Attention Please

*Sounds ranty foghorn* You’ve been warned… From birth, I’ve taken Beano to rather a lot of groups and clubs, from baby massage to messy play groups. S’all good, they gives us a chance to get out of the house and do … Read more →

Silent Sunday 18.11.12

Saturday is Caption Day #6

  I share photo, you caption. Simples. Please ch-ch-check out Mammasaurus for other, much much better photos and linky goodness. *dons cape* #SATCAP AWAAAAY! *poof*


Doubt. Sounds a bit ominous doesn’t it? Sorry about that, but that’s the only name I can put on this desperately heavy, sinking feeling in my belly. And no, I’m not hungry. I’m sat here in … Read more →

Fuck Creativity

Something’s right got my goat. No, scrap that. Something’s fucked me right off. When I was at school, I hated it. Loathed it. Would pretend to have a broken leg to avoid it. I’m not … Read more →

Mug Shot

And now for summink a bit different here for ya… A while back I saw on Twitter a marvellous idea from that sweetheart Hannah of Cupcake Mumma. It excited me, I tell ya. Why? Mugs. Gotta love a mug. … Read more →

Conversations with Bean #1

Essentially this involves, if you hadn’t already managed to guess, conversations. With Bean. It is mainly for my own sanity, therefore when I am about to bang my head against the wall in pure frustration and … Read more →