Well, that got a bit melodramatic didn’t it…? Apologies dudes. I’m gonna level with you here and explain, I know I don’t have to, but I feel I should. In a nutshell, I was getting … Read more →


Right, screw this for a box of frogs. Or… something. I’ve had enough, I’m putting my fucking freezing cold foot down. Let’s talk about SAD, or if you’re not like, ya know in the loop, Seasonal Affective Disorder, … Read more →

Twenty Five Candles

*sings* I don’t like biiiiiiirthdays…. Tell me why! I don’t like biiiiiiiiiirthdays…. When it comes to birthdays, well, my birthdays, I’m always uncontrollably miserable. Mm-hmmm. That day full of anticipation and people on Facebook, who you … Read more →

Silent Sunday 21.10.12

Saturday is Caption Day #5

I share photo, you caption. Simples. Please ch-ch-check out Mammasaurus for other, much much better photos and linky goodness. *dons cape* #SATCAP AWAAAAY! *poof*

Double Trouble

TWO memes, fucking TWO. TWO. See, you really get your money’s worth with me baby. Oh yes, prepare to be freaking dazzled. Scroll down for boring rules etc etc, who cares, whatever. Five random facts about me… … Read more →


I’m gonna level with you here. I’m gonna be fucking honest. We all know each other pretty well now, yeah? I mean, you know I’m sampled my own breast milk and peed in a bucket now. … Read more →