Three & Four

Trouble comes in threes, yeah? Well last month, trouble came in two – ie washing machine and fridge freezer both blowing up in the space of fortnight – thanks life! After we’d somehow managed to get … Read more →

The Armed Police That Came To Tea

I shit you not people, the stuff you are about to read really, truly happened. FOR REALZ. So a couple of weeks ago, there I was sitting with Bean at the dining table while he happily ate his dinner. We … Read more →

Knocked Up

I knew I was pregnant before I did the test. Bloody knew it. From having to get up in the middle of the night for wees (for once not caused by late drinking seshes) to MUST. EAT. … Read more →

Men In White Coats

When I was pregnant, over three years ago now I was terrified. Fucking terrified. Yes, I was scared of my baby’s health, I was scared about my health, and money, and if I was ever … Read more →